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ABA Services Process

01. What is ABA?

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) is a therapeutic teaching method that helps people learn socially important behaviors. It is data-based and scientifically proven to be effective. We teach communication skills, social skills, independent living skills and safety skills. When children engage in interfering behaviors, we use ABA techniques to decrease the interfering behaviors and increase appropriate behaviors.

02. How does my child receive ABA?

We work with IEHP and Magellan Healthcare. They accept client who have a behavioral need for services and those who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. When a doctor diagnoses your child with Autism, you can talk to your insurance company for ABA coverage.

03. How do I receive a refferal?

When you reach us for the ABA services, we will contact your insurance company to confirm that it is covered through your insurance company. If you have IEHP you can contact member services directly and request an authorization for an ABA Therapy referral. 

04. Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)

With your insurance company’s approval, we will begin the FBA. While conducting the FBA, our clinical supervisor will visit your home several times to assess your child’s current skill levels and his/her behaviors. Once FBA report is completed, we will send it to the insurance company with recommended goals and hours.

05. When will ABA start?

Once your insurance company approves the goals and the hours, we will start services in the home based on your availability. A therapist will be assigned to work with, and our clinical team will go to your home and start ABA therapy. We will periodically assess your child’s progress and submit a progress report with newly recommended goals and hours.

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