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Blooming Mind Behavioral Services works with individuals of all ages by providing mental health services involves a comprehensive approach to addressing and supporting individuals' mental well-being. It encompasses a range of activities aimed at promoting mental health, preventing mental illnesses, and treating existing conditions.

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Blooming Mind Behavioral Services provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), the most commonly accepted and effective treatment. ABA is used to help increase functional skills and maintain positive behaviors. A tailored assessment and treatment plan is created specifically for each individual by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Our service aims to improve the quality of life for individuals with autism and other disabilities and their families.


When working with children and adolescents, ABA parent training is an essential component of any treatment plan. Parents, and caregivers, have the responsibility of guiding and teaching their children skills and behaviors that will benefit them in everyday life. Blooming Mind Behavioral Services places a great emphasis on educating the family unit on the precise therapies our therapists use. This allows for more support in the natural environment throughout the day.

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